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The Intermodal Way
Intermodal Transport Solutions (ITS) offers you the confidence of reliable, efficient and environmentally conscious multimodal transport. (ITS) delivers European wide door to door services, regardless of your cargo size. Our goal is to offer you the most efficient solution in terms of both time and costs, while our personalized service will relieve you of all your administrative burdens. We go beyond your expectations, That’s The Intermodal Way!


Transport Services

Rail Transport

By rail we transport goods in containers, tanks, swap bodies or huckepack trailers. Intermodal trains commute between two destinations, often with a set schedule and fixed arrival and departure times. With the right information, the (un)loading times are accurately determined.

Inland Barge Transport

Inland Barge transport plays an important role in the logistics connecting Westport Rotterdam and Antwerp with various destinations within the Benelux and inland terminals along the Rhine in Germany and Switzerland. Barge is the most ideal and cost-effective solution to transport your goods with barge sizes between the 100 upto 450 Teu. 

Short Sea

Shortsea Transportation involves feeder movements of smaller coastal ships connecting all intra-European countries. all kind of equipment can be used for this modality. Pre connection from customers door to the shortsea Terminals can be arranged via various inland modes such as Road, train or Barge. Delivery from arriving terminal from one of the intra-European countries to customers door can be arranged using same various modalities.

(ITS) can arrange this entire logistical chain.


What We Do ?

We offer short sea, rail, barge and road transportation. This combination enables us to offer transports which is tailored to perfection.

we find solutions for every transport challenge. Efficiency,  optimal service and customer satisfaction is our main drive here.

Intermodal Transport Solutions (ITS) preferably makes use of sustainable modalities. Is your cargo currently transported by truck on long distances? Perhaps it’s better to avoid Road congestion as well support a more environmental mode against an attractive cost level.

Please call us and we will provide you with all necessary information to support you with such a mode switch.


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"I don't know better than working in logistic transport: it is what I do and who I am. Therefore, I am always up-to-date, I stay informed about all ins and outs in this business. This enables me to find the best solutions possible."
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Ingrid van Oest


“It’s not only the company that interests me, also the person behind it. That’s why I like to build a relationship with our clients. We’re going for the long term! I have a great understanding of their processes and that’s highly appreciated. We quickly understand each other.”
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Logistics specialist

“I’m known for my punctuality. In addition, I value a fair and open relationship with our debtors"
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Intermodal Transport Solutions

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